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Service & Maintenance

Keep Your Rig Running Newer, Longer

Routine maintenance is key to your rig’s safety and performance – and it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. Keeping your van in good health and ready for the next adventure shouldn’t be a daunting task. Our service technicians can help keep things in tip-top shape so you can be ready when the open road calls.

Recommended Routine Van Maintenance

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Mercedes-Benz Service A and Service B

All Mercedes-Benz Sprinter owners should bring their vehicle in for Service A and Service B at the appropriate intervals. These required service checklists ensure that your vehicle is fine-tuned for optimal performance so you can better preserve your car’s resale value and its longevity. These services are provided by our Mercedes-Benz certified partners at 5280 Auto Service, conveniently located at our shop.

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vehicle alignment

Wheel and Tire Alignment

Keeping your wheels aligned improves your fuel efficiency, your steering and vehicle handling, maneuverability and tire wear. Wheel alignment, also known as tire alignment, is important for vehicle safety, steering and handling, fuel efficicienty and tire wear. We utilize the latest technology from Hunter Engineering to get your vehicle alignment to its optimum state.
Recommended Service Interval: Every 6 months or 6,000-10,000 miles

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routine maintenance

Tire Balance and Rotation

Rotating and balancing your tires will not only prolong the life of your tires but also protect your suspension. We utilize the latest technology from Hunter Engineering to get your tires balance and rotated.
Recommended Service Interval: Every 3 months or 3,000-5,000 miles

electrical system health check

Electrical Health Check

Electrical system health check ensures your electrical system is operating properly. During this health check we thoroughly inspect all your power systems – including solar, Lithium, and AC/DC charging. 
Recommended Service Interval: 1x/year

diesel and gas heater servicing

Heater Servicing

Periodic servicing of your auxiliary gas or diesel furnace heater is recommended to keep your heater running clean and efficiently. During servicing, your heater and key elements are cleaned and/or replaced and fuel and exhaust lines are checked.
Recommended Service Interval: 1x/year

accessory re-torque

Exterior Accessory Re-torque

Get your exterior accessories re-torqued to ensure safe and secure mounting of all exterior accessories.
Recommended Service Interval: 1x/year

auto detailing

Exterior Detailing

Protect your van’s exterior and paint with a full, comprehensive detailing that includes an exterior wax and ceramic coating. 
Recommended Service Interval: 1x/year

Non-Routine Services

dent repair

Dent Repair

Sometimes they’re hard to avoid. When your vehicle gets dented, we offer paint-less dent repair, performed by a certified PDR technician.

window installations

Windshield and Glass Repair

We offer auto glass repair, replacement and installation.

tire balance for vans
tire mount for Sprinter van
retorque tires on a Sprinter van

Check Out Our Other Services

We offer all the service and installation work that you could ever need for your van. Check out the list below for some of our most common interior van installations, exterior van upgrades, tech upgrades, heating and cooling services, and performance upgrades.

suspension and lifts

Performance Upgrades

Instill confidence and control when venturing out with upgraded performance suspensions, wheels, tires, and tuning.

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cell phone booster

Tech Upgrades

From audio enhancements to communcations and connectivity, we’ve got you covered. 

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air conditioning

Heating & Cooling

Add auxiliary heating and cooling systems to make your van more comfortable in varying climates and seasons.

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swivel seats

Interior Van Upgrades & Installations

Enhance your van’s living space with interior features such as new cabinetry, galleys, seats, swivels, flooring, storage solutions and more.

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Exterior Van Upgrades

Maximize your carrying capacity and enhange the look and functionality of your rig with storage carriers, bumpers, roof racks, ladders and more.

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