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Servicing Sprinter Vans and Transit Vans

Having a positive experience with the company you work with is just as important as the quality of the product itself. Here at TOURIG Recreation Group, we earn trust and form lasting relationships with each customer. No matter the job, you can expect the best in customer service as well as the best work and craftsmanship.


Tried. True. Trusted.

Go Farther Perform Better

Once you hit the road and feel the sense of freedom that comes from adventure, you’ll want to start going to more vast, more remote, more undiscovered places. Untravelled roads, steep embankments and sandy washes are just a few examples of the terrain you’ll want to travel that require these services.

  • Suspensions and lifts
  • Wheel and tire upgrades
  • Performance tunes
  • Air compressors
TOURIG Recreation Group employee doing a suspension tuning for Sprinter van

Enhance Your Living Space

Whether you have a partial build that needs to be completed or additional interior features you realize you need, we have you covered. Some of the interior installations that we offer are listed below. 

  • TOURIG Airliner cabinetry
  • Modular galleys
  • Seats and swivels
  • Windows
  • Pop-tops
  • Smart Floor installation
  • Storage solutions
  • Tables
  • Roof vents
  • Screen doors
  • Window covers and more
swivel seat installation

Winterize and Summerize

If you’re using your van in the heat or summer or colder months, you’ll want climate systems you can rely on that will keep you comfortable. 

  • Auxiliary furnaces
  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Auxiliary air conditiong systems and more
AquaHot heating and hot water system

The Essentials

Whether your van is brand new or pushing 250,000 miles, bring it to TRG for the preventative van maintenace that it needs. Stay on top of recommended maintenance to keep your rig running newer, longer.

  • Tire mount

  • Balance and rotation

  • Vehicle alignment

  • Interior detailing

  • Exterior detailing and more

AquaHot heating and hot water system

Exterior Upgrades

Maximize your carrying capacity without compromising interior space by adding exterior storage and racks. And, enhance the look and functionality of your rig with an awning, nerf bar, bumper upgrade and more.

  • Bumpers
  • Roof racks
  • Ladders
  • Roof vents
  • Awnings
  • Nerf bars and more
AquaHot heating and hot water system

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